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  • Can we come over for a tour?
    At this time, all tours are by appointment only. Please call us to book a beekeeping tour and for pricing.
  • Your honey labels are sometimes different or unmarked, why is that?"
    As per OMAFRA regulation, farmers are allowed to sell their products at their "farm gate" in unmarked packaging. The consumer is allowed to ask the farmer where their product comes from. Our honey is labelled, graded, etc., as per O. Reg. 119/11. For more details, please visit:
  • Is your firewood dry?
    A majority of our firewood is ash. This tree species was unfortunately a victim of the "Emerald ash borer". The trees on our property have been dry for many years and pose a safety hazard as wind can easily knock them down. As part of our foresty management, we cut down these trees throughout the entire year. Even cut, split, and burned the same day, this wood burns very well.
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