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Seasonal Produce

We have a wide variety of fresh herbs and produce available from spring to late fall. Please contact us to find out what is ripe and in season.

Updated January 3, 2023

Kale Cruly/Red/Black: $2.00/bunch (Limited Availability)

Cabbage - Small Green: $5/head (Limited Availability)

Giant Black Radish: $1/Each (Limited Availability)

Swiss Chard - Rainbow: $2.00/bunch (Limited Availability)

Zucchini Green/Yellow: $2/Each (Sold Out)

Patty Pan/ Sunburst Squash: $2/ea (Sold Out)

Kohlrabi Green: $1.50/ea (Sold Out)

Fresh Oregano: $2.50/15g (Sold Out)

Fresh Thyme: $2.50/15g (Sold Out)

Fresh Camomile: $11/75g (Sold Out)

Potatoes: $3.50/lb (Sold Out)

Tomatoes Large: $2.50/lb (Sold Out)

Cherry Tomatoes: $4/lb (Sold Out)

Green Beans: $5/lb (Sold Out)

Lettuce Varieties: $5/100g (Sold Out)

Seasonal Produce

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  • Our herbs and veggies are grown free from unnatural fertilizers and pesticides. The majority of our plants are grown from heritage breed seeds started right here on the farm.